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N1 Fitness Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

Marcus is outlining how to order fat loss friendly food at restaurants. Specifics include…


-How many calories are in restaurant meals?

-The best protein, carbs & fat options

-Sauces & dressings

-How to modify meals & ask for what you want

-How to get over being ‘that customer’

-Specific examples of modifying...

Jun 22, 2020

Diana is on the show to provide us with the often unheard side of the story around meat. Specifics include…


-Meat, cancer and diabetes

-Are meat-free diets healthier?

-B12 supplementation

-Animal protein vs. plant protein

-Beyond burger and lab grown meat

-Greenhouse gas emissions

-Could we remove all cattle and...

Jun 15, 2020

Marcus is outlining the most effective ways to track your fat loss progress. Specifics include…


-The scale

-Daily or weekly weigh-ins?


-Using the mirror



-Body fat calipers

-Machines and fancy tech

-What I do with my clients




Nutritional Coaching

Jun 8, 2020

Marcus is providing 4 practical ways to increase your libido and optimize sexual function. Specifics include…


-Why do we have a sex drive?

-The role of testosterone and estrogen

-What are we attracted to and why?

-Nutrition tips for enhancing libido

-Movement recommendations for sexual health

-Sleep and...

Jun 1, 2020

Marcus is outlining who the keto diet may be for, who it may not be for and if you’re going to implement it how you should do so. Specifics include…


-What is ketosis?

-How does keto work for fat loss?

-Keto food options

-Carbs are water weight

-Dealing with hunger

-Using fat for fuel vs. using body fat for...