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N1 Fitness Podcast

Apr 2, 2018

Greg Lehman is on the show today and we’re chatting all about pain science! Specifics include…

  • The biopsychosocial model
  • The relationship between pain and damage
  • Phantom limbs
  • Predictors of future pain and injury
  • The role and response of nociceptors
  • How are beliefs impact function
  • The role of posture in daily life
  • Form while using heavy loads
  • The ‘neutral zone’ of a joint
  • The biomechanics of running
  • The myth of symmetry
  • Visualization and single leg training
  • Loading injuries for recovery
  • Pain tolerance
  • Practitioners setting people up to fail
  • How fear impacts movement patterns


Greg in regards to posture in daily life – “Don’t care about it, I’m a movement optimist.”

My favourite line of the interview - “Poke the bear don’t hump the shit out of it, no bear babies.”



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