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N1 Fitness Podcast

Mar 26, 2018

Eric Helms PhD is back on the show and we’re talking all about how to train for hypertrophy! Specifics include…

  • Adherence - Optimal vs practical programming
  • Volume – How many sets & reps you should be doing
  • Intensity – What sort of loads produce growth
  • Frequency – How often you should train
  • Progression –...

Mar 19, 2018

Andy Morgan is on the show today and we’re talking about coaching clients online and what you should look for if you choose to work with someone! Specifics include…

-What to do BEFORE you work with a coach

-Coach and client trust

-Overlooked aspects of coaching

-Establishing a meaningful why

-Why Andy doesn’t post...

Mar 12, 2018

Dan Pardi PhD is on the show today and we’re chatting all about one of my favourite topics, sleep! Dan is one of my favourite people in the health industry and he’s got a real knack for being a scientific translator of sorts. I think you’re going to really enjoy this one!

Specifics include…

  • What is sleep?
  • Sleep...

Mar 5, 2018

Today is a myth busting episode, I’m dispelling 40 fitness fallacies that just won’t seem to go away!

  • Eating more fat burns more fat
  • Weight training makes you bulky
  • Breakfast is the most important meal
  • Eating at night is bad
  • High protein diets harm the kidneys
  • Eating for your blood type
  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Fat...