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N1 Fitness Podcast

Aug 3, 2020

If you’d like to lose weight or you’ve hit a plateau, this episode is for you! Specifics include…


-The fastest way to lose weight

-3 ways to create a calorie deficit

-Nutrition for fat loss

-Workouts for fat loss

-Combining nutrition and workouts for fat loss

-Things to look out for




Jul 27, 2020

Losing weight is hard, but there are ways to make your fat loss journey easier! Specifics include…


-How to actually stay accountable

-Setting up your kitchen

-Ways to make food prep easier

-Taking the lifestyle approach

-Tracking your progress

-Reaching goals and celebrating wins

-Getting through mental and...

Jul 20, 2020

How do you truly know if you’re hungry or you simply have a craving? Specifics include…


-Defining hunger and cravings

-The primary differences between the two

-Physical signs of both

-The most filling foods

-How to mitigate hunger completely

-How to work around cravings




Nutritional Coaching

Jul 13, 2020

Bill is an evolutionary psychologist and in this episode we’re delving into some fundamental evolutionary psychology and what makes us happy. Specifics include…


-The unique cooperation abilities among humans

-Attracting mates and passing on genes

-Balancing complacency and drive

-Handling rejection and the need to...

Jul 6, 2020

Marcus is candidly chatting about what 3 Aussie dudes taught him one winter in Poland. Specifics include…


-How I got denied from University

-Backpacking Europe for 5 months

-Daypacks and minimalism

-How I told my Mom I might come home

-How a simple question completely changed my life

-Going to movies and restaurants...