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N1 Fitness Podcast

Mar 18, 2019

Marcus is outlining how to integrate alcohol with your fat loss goals and how it relates to nutrition, movement or workouts, sleep and social connection. Specifics include…


  • Alcohol and nutrition
  • Alcohol and workouts or movement
  • Alcohol and sleep
  • Alcohol and social connection
  • Practical take-home tips



Mar 4, 2019

Dr. Kirk Parsley is on the show today and we’re chatting all about being a doctor to the Navy Seal’s and managing sleep for shift workers. Specifics include…


  • Common symptoms of sleep debt and shift work
  • How Kirk got the seals off of sleep drugs
  • The bunker test
  • Alcohol, sleep drugs and over the counter...

Feb 18, 2019

Marcus gives you his outlook and opinion on the carnivore diet and who, when, where, why and how it may apply in this episode!


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Feb 4, 2019

My mentor Joseph is back on the show and we’re chatting all about motivation, confidence, self esteem and hope! Specifics include…


  • Internal vs. external motivation
  • Confidence vs. self esteem
  • Hope is a double edged sword
  • The application of consistency
  • Assessing emotional progress and growth
  • How to build self...

Jan 21, 2019

Marcus is answering your questions on this Ask Me Anything Episode! Specifics include… 

  • What and how are you eating while travelling?
  • Have you taken anything positive away from getting as heavy as you did?
  • What’s the best position to sleep in?
  • Do you burn more fat working out fasted?
  • Are they any specific foods or...